Rosh Hashana Greetings

honey apple and pomegranate on a wooden table

Our warmest wishes to family and friends for a happy and healthy New Year and well over the Fast.
May 5778 bring peace to Am Yisrael

ABRAHAMS Pat and Sam
ABRAHAMS Seymour and Yettie
ABROMOWITZ Cheryl, David and family
ATLAS Glenda and Selwyn

BERKMAN Raphael, Kim, Joshua, Jessica and granny Jeanette
BERKOWITZ Joel and Anna, Bonnie and Tim, Herschel, and Tarryn, Natacha and Daniel, Lyra, Maddie and Leo
BERMAN Hilary, Paul, Suzanne, Saul and Karin and family
BERMAN Julie, Benji, Marc and Jonty Swift

CASPER Harry, Nicole, Jada, Jenny, Gabriel, Mandy, Ben, Isabella and Shayna
CASPER Marion, Herschel, and family
CHAIT Noah, Irma, Lisa, Jodi and Wayne and boys, and the family overseas
CHEMEL Wisenberg, Beinart and Blumberg families
CHERNOTSKY Avron, Elaine, Jenna and Brent and Bea Frumer
COHEN Des and Daphne

DAITSH Kim, Ian, Jared and Janna
DANIEL Gerald and Wendy
DIAMOND Gerald, Ashna and family
DIAMOND Bennie and Vivian
DIAMOND Stuart, Lindy, Ari, Aerin and Ava
DOGON Tracey-Lee and Tao

EPSTEIN Selwyn, Tessa and family

FINE Roy, Michelle, Daniel, Steven and Jason
FINKELSTEIN / MAYTHEM David, Lesley, Lisa, Nina, Michael, Joshua and Stella
FREEDMAN Celeste and Richard
FRIEDLAND Simone and Harry and Joan Knopp
FRIEDLANDER / ARNONI Phyllis, Serena and Nachum
FUCHS Brian, Adele, Daren, Meg, Ada, Kelli, Farril and Presley Rosin and Esther Furman
FUTERAN Jeanne, Lita and Darby

GER Selwyn, Larry, Anthony and family
GETZ Keith, Brenda, Craig, Kevin and Leizl
GINSBURG Cyril and Rochelle and families
GOLDSTEIN Avron, Jean and family
GOLDBERG Brian, Adele, Jenna and Bengi
GOODMAN Michael, Melanie and family
GORE Stephen, Renée, Richard, Neil and Terri, Taryn, Craig, Rachel and Jedd Solomon

HAICALIS Dimitri and Shirley
HERZFELD Miriam and family
HOTZ Sandy and family

JAWNO / MOFSOWITZ Riva, Talya, Uri, Leora, Ariella and Ashira
JOFFE Stan and Michelle, Ryan, Chantell, Ben and Mark, Martine and Jonathan, Dean and Lorie and Brandon
JUDES / MALLEL Adrienne, Jo, Ilan, Shani, Mike and Nadia

KAPLAN Ernest, Estelle, Lisa and family
KATZ / SPEAKMAN Mandy and Emma
KAVALSKY Bella, Sydney and Nerine
KAWALSKY Bess, children and grandchildren
KORBER Rose and Morris
KREDO Udi, Cherna, Oren, Simóne and Tamara and families
KRUPP / LOCKETZ Joan, Greg, Taryn and Juliana and Gary, Kara-Lee and Stella
KURLAND Roy, Ros, Matilda and Joshua

LEVITT / HOROWITZ Leon, Roslyn and family
LEWIS Marion, Leslie, Avril, Matthew, Simon and family
LOMOFSKY Trevor, Lilian and family

MARCUS Harold and Bev, Karen and Jason, Gavin and Caroline, Michael and Martine and grandchildren
MARCUS Larry, Melissa, Nicole, Jarred and Tamara
MAY Carl, Bev, Jared, Joel and Zara
MEYEROWITZ Barry and Marilyn and family
MINITZER Louis, Michelle and Joanne

NUREK Judy, David and family

OSRIN Myra and family

POGRUND Barry, Hayley, Kevin and Samuel

RADOMSKY Bernie and Michele
RADOMSKY / JAFF Mike, Laura, Debbi, Lindi, Anthony, Gabriella and Alex
RAWRAWAY Rolene, children and grandchildren
REITSTEIN Joyce and family
RESNICK David, Lyn, Brandon, Marcia, Gary and Estee

SAACKS Mark, Desrae, Georgia and Phoebe
SACHAR Phyllis (Israel), Jackie, Maureen, Michael, Orit, Jonny, Leighla, Ben and Nadia
SACKS Basil and Sheila and family
SACKS Iona and Charles
SAKS Ivor, Daniele and family
SALKINDER Paul, Cheryl and family
SANK Abe and Leina
SANK Leonard, Dorothy, Jordy, Sara and Lexi. Mendy and Gabbi Vogel
SCHLOSBERG Benny, Rica, Tammy, Kevin, Robert, Jacqui and families
SHELDON Alan, Amalie, Ross, Craig and Jodi
SHENKER Maurice, Anita, Nadine and Nico
SHER Cynthia and Leonard
SHER Ralph, Myra and family
SHEV Godfrey, Michelle and Hayley Reed
SILVER Roy, Debby, David, Mike and Danielle
SOFER Ivan, Sheila and family
SURDUT Ben Zion and Esther and family
SWERSKY Darron, Liz, Jarrett, Ross and Myra

TARLIE Mark, Cands, Jaime, Jake and Daniel
TONKIL Colin, Sandy and family
TIBSHRAENY Jens and Elizabeth of Willoughby and Co (Pty) Ltd

VAN EMBDEN Marco, Gwen and family

WIDAN Evan, Melanie, Rio and Jaemi
WIDAN Selwyn, Patricia and family
WOLFSOHN Colin, Janet, Sasha-Lee and Daniella

YACH Michelle, Theodore, David and Daniel
YANKELOWITZ Leonard, Karen and family

ZAGNO Brian and Marcelle, Clive, Phillipa and Owen and Caryn and Nicolas
ZETLER Dennis, Adrian, Kelly, Hila, Ariel and Ziv
ZETLER Jeffrey and Beverley and families

The Cape Jewish Chronicle wishes all our readers and their families Shana Tova U’Metukah


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