Habonim Dror — The Summer We Have Been Waiting For

It’s crazy to think that summer is here already, with our biggest Machaneh in five years about to kick off!

We’ve all been waiting so eagerly for December to arrive that we’ve seen the year fly by in a flash. On 8 December, hundreds and hundreds of Jewish campers from across South Africa will embark on a life-changing three week Machaneh with Habonim. Under the summer sun, swimming in the breath-taking Onrus ocean, and making best friends under the tree-top-canopies of our beautiful campsite. That’s what awaits our campers this month!

All our madrichim have been on the campsite since 29 November making sure that everything is ready for our channichim to arrive. From the soccer court to the inspiring peulot and everything else in between, Machaneh17 Na’aleh is going to be an absolute hit! With the biggest group of campers in five years, and our huge Cape Town contingent, we are sure that Habonim Machaneh is going to be a place of friendship, learning, love, fun, playing, and a summer to never forget. There are still a few spots left in some of the age-groups, so if you haven’t signed your child up yet then please call our offices ASAP to see if there is still one more spot waiting for you.

As I write this final piece for the Jewish Chronicle as Rosh Machaneh of Habonim, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank each and every single member of the Cape Town community for helping strengthen and supporting Habonim this year. The amazing work we have achieved wouldn’t be possible without you all.

To the summer of a lifetime! Aleh Ve’Hasgem!

David Schwartz,
Rosh Machaneh 2017


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