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Movie night at the Bnei Akiva Bayit with our cutest grade, the grade 3s!

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Shana Tova from Bnei Akiva

Hello everybody and Rosh  Hashanah Sameach!!!

I hope that you have a meaningful and uplifting beginning of the year and that it’ll continue throughout. Bnei Akiva has been very busy doing our regular activities (once every 2 weeks for each Grade) as well as participating in community events and volunteering wherever we can. We’ve also been very busy planning Machaneh. Speaking of which…

Bnei Akiva Machaneh is happening this December and we’re super-duper excited for what’s coming. Come for the three BEST weeks of your life with friends from CT, JHB, Durban, Gqeberha and Israel. Fun and meaningful tochniot, beach, pool, sports, the shabbas experience, tuckshop and so much more. As you could have seen from all the previous articles, Bnei CT isn’t just a camp movement — our amazing Madrichim are very involved in our channichim’s lives and do 100s of activities each year BUT Machaneh is definitely the peak! We can’t wait to see you all at the weekly activities — and if not, then on camp. 

 — Eytan Labe

Habonim homecoming

Machaneh is officially launched, and planning is well under way! Machaneh Hashiva Habayita (homecoming) is only a few months away, and the energy is tangible. After two years, we will finally be back home at Onrus from 9 to 27 December. No scepticism, concerns or uncertainty — camp will be happening! 

In August we held our first Va’ad Machaneh (VM) seminar on the campsite in two years. The VM, made up of the Va’ad Poel (VP) and the Roshim for the various shichvaot (grades), spent a week beginning preparations for machaneh. Discussing all things related to camp, singing our traditional Close the doors song before each meal, and simply living on the campsite has made this VM incredibly motivated and ready to lead what will be a remarkable three weeks. Check out our socials (@habonimsa on Instagram and Habonim Dror Southern Africa on Facebook). It’s an incredible group of maddies, and we could not be more excited!

Riding on the momentum gathered at VM Sem, the Herzlia Machaneh was a real show of Habonim’s power. More than 30 maddies were present at the launch, many missing university and work to be at there, showing our true unity and dedication to both Habonim and to making sure that as many kids as possible are aware of — and waiting for — camp. 

There’s a reason so many maddies were willing to drop their responsibilities to be there. There is simply no better place to be in December. We could go on about how much we value our unique informal education, our silly traditions or our exciting projects. But the most important is that it is three weeks of the most fun you could ever have. It’s where special things happen. 

We have not neglected our other commitments though. One of our aims for this year is to reach as many Jewish communities as possible in South Africa. Rose Zelezniak, Alex Serebro and Sasha Rodenacker went to Gqeberha recently to host a Shabbaton. It was an incredible experience, planned by an incredible team. After just a couple of days of Habo magic, children who had never heard of Habonim Dror are now eagerly waiting for December.

Wishing you a meaningful Rosh Hashanah — we can’t wait to see you in December!

Aleh V’Hagshem!  

Jeffrey Gutman, Rosh Publications

Apply for Diller Teen Fellows Cohort 8!

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! 

Diller Teen Fellows is building the next generation of committed Jewish leadership through exploring our Jewish identity, and becoming activated leaders of Tikkun Olam. 

Applications are open to all Grade 10s in Cape Town, and close on Friday 9 September. Find the application link at the QR code below, or on our Instagram page Feel free to contact the local coordinator Martine on for further questions. 


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